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Our Products and Services
Price List

"We Specialize with In Home Servicing"


We offer in home, basic PC instruction, upgrades, parts and system
sales, ink refill kits, tech support. We also sell EMI/RFI
We setup and install: Home and car Stereos, VCR, TV, DVD, Satellite,
and Computer Systems
Services Available in: Brownfield, Coronation, Veteran, Castor,
Killiam, Alliance, Hardisty, Amisk areas.

PC Basics Instruction Course Outline

Section 1      Computer Components, Setup and Configuration
Section 2      Getting Started with Windows 95/98/ME/XP
Section 3      Installing and Removing Software, Look at Word 97/2000/XP
Section 4      The Internet, and E-mail
Section 5      Buying a computer, What to Look For, Clone or Not too Clone, Q and A
Section 6      Look inside a computer, Q and A, Survey

 Each section is an hour long, each lesson $25.00
 Private in home lessons are at $35.00 an hour, but you can pick want you want to learn
 at own pace.

Servicing and Labor Prices

In Home         $35.00 Min. Charge than $25.00/hour or $0.42 per Minute
In Shop          $30.00 Min. Charge than $20.00/hour or $0.33 per Minute

EMI RFI Filters

Have an older home with odd power surges, spikes and fluctuations?  
Try our EMI/RFI Filter

Payment Options

Cash, Cheque, C.O.D., Money Orders, Sorry not set up for credit cards, but hopefully Soon!!